Academic Reporting Tools

Make informed academic decisions

ART 2.0 helps you explore courses and instructors at the University of Michigan

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Research U-M courses by searching their titles or keywords mentioned in their descriptions.

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View course data like teaching evaluations and learn about the types of students who have taken a course.

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Use these data to make informed decisions when it’s time to register for next term’s classes.

What you can learn from CourseProfile

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Instructor Information

Who has taught the course and what else have those instructors taught in the past?

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Student Information

In which school/college and what class standing are students who take this class?

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Course Evaluations

How much did students want to take the course? How much did they learn? How heavy was the workload?

What students are saying about ART 2.0

ART provides students with the opportunity to interact with an immense amount of student data to help guide their college education experience.

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Aditi Rao, Neuroscience Major

It provides information you can’t get anywhere else. Class size and co-enrollment data have been particularly valuable to me when crafting a schedule.

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Noah Betman, Honors Sociology Major

It's a simple way of seeing how the majority of previous students actually felt about classes, not just those who wrote a review on Rate My Professors.

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Jay Cutler, LSA